Assess the progress and performance of your ERP project
with a unique self-assessment tool from ERP experts

Download our self-assessment tool to compare your project and progress against recognized benchmark criteria.

Our unique, ERP project assessment tool has been developed by ERP project deployment experts who are totally independent and not affiliated to any vendor or integrator.

Based on a checklist of 85 activities in nine major project phases, the tool will give you an objective and comprehensive diagnosis of just how 'healthy' your ERP project is – complete with graphical ratings of your strengths, weaknesses and gaps to fill.

It's an essential tool to keep your project on track and in control, as well as ensure you have everything in place that you need to succeed.

Make sure your ERP Project is aligned to your company's strategy and objectives
Benchmark your performance interactively and graphically against the best practices in the market
Highlight gaps and areas you should monitor to ensure you can take timely, corrective action
Share the tool freely within your teams and company so that everybody is aligned and pulling together to drive change and attain success.

Run a complete project checkup and get a clear snapshot of your project's status

In Microsoft Excel™ format, the self-assessment tool contains:

An interactive worksheet based on the 3 timelines of an ERP deployment: before, during and after
A results graph for each of the 3 timelines and an overall summary

The three timelines are divided into nine major phases, themselves divided into 85 questions and answers. Using the tool, you can rate your own level of satisfaction with deployment activities on a scale of 1-10.

Then use the results graphs as work documents for your teams to arbitrate and support the right choices.

By doing this, you can immediately and easily compare your project, achievements and plans with recognized fundamentals, lessons learned and best practices in ERP deployment.


- Benchmark your ERP project deployment quickly and easily against market best practices.

- Give yourself every opportunity to succeed and accelerate the return on investment for your company.

- The tool costs just $670 and can be downloaded immediately*.

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This unique self-assessment tool costs only $670. Pay online and download it immediately!


* Once downloaded, you can use our tool freely within your company. Price excludes VAT at 19.6%.

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